Marcelo cross the road, C Luo restricted area road fire higher. 84 minutes, Quadrado pushed Ramos, the referee Brigitte to show him the second yellow card, Quartra duo red off. 90 minutes, Marcelo break through to the bottom line after the cross Erik Gustafsson Jersey, Arsenio Road Tuishe broke Jonathan Toews Jersey, 4 to 1! The end of the game, Real Madrid to 4 to 1 victory over Juventus, won the club history 12th Champions League champions, also became the first defensive Champions League defending team. 39-year-old 4-month Buffon, will become the second consecutive year in the Champions League final appearance players blackhawks patrick kane jersey, second only to 40 years and 6 months of Van der Sar, and C Luo is at the age of 28 years after losing four Golden Globes, Last year became Sir Matthews, the history of the second age of the Golden Globe winner (31 years and 10 months). They are professional model, Buffon compliment: "C Lo is not only a model for professional players Keith Magnuson Jersey, but also all the players model," Zidane also praise: "C Lo is a good person, care for others, I was most impressed Is his occupation, he always wanted to win, is a natural leader, even if he and I play in the same period, he will be a superstar. The Champions League final war, the game attracted a lot of places to come to watch the war, the former Inter star Matlage came to Wales Cardiff, in an interview, Mattrach support Juventus, that the Bianconeri has a super Stability, worthy of the championship, and Matraqi count Zidane's "nemesis", Zizu in the 2006 World Cup final and the Italian star has a relationship.