Because of the serious injury, Woodgate in 18 months time only for Newcastle played 37 times, but Real Madrid in 2004 to 13.4 million pounds into the Woodgate Andrew Desjardins Jersey, on the day of signing, Woodgate again A wound, which led him in September 2005 to complete the Real Madrid debut. However, just over 24 minutes Dennis Rasmussen Jersey, Woodgate into the own goal. Real Madrid three years, Woodgate only played 14 times, in the "Marca" 2007 poll, Woodgate was named the 21st century the worst signings. Since landing in Europe, Alves has with Sevilla, Barcelona, ??Juventus played Champions League, which played for the Juventus season 12 games. In this season, Ramos, Buffon has ushered in his first 100 Champions League blackhawks men's patrick kane jersey, and Alves in the final ushered in his 100 monument. The effectiveness of Sevilla, Barcelona, ??Juventus these three clubs, Alves has 14 times played in the international tournament finals, even more than any European club, which, Brazil played four times for Sevilla Keith Magnuson Jersey, Brazil played 9 times, the Champions League The final is Alves first played with Juventus. 13 times before the International Competition finals, Alves made 12 wins and 1 loss of amazing results, the only time the loss of the 2007 European Super Cup lost to AC Milan.