Anelka's reputation is not very good, but Real Madrid or in the summer of 1999 for him to pay 23 million pounds. Until the following year in February, before the Arsenal striker has not broken. And Bosque's conflict led him to be suspended training, in the 19 league only scored two goals, Anelka was sent to Paris Saint-Germain. If you can beat Real Madrid, Alves will be the fourth time won the big ear trophy, will become the first three times in history to win the Triple Crown players Michal Rozsival Jersey. And this Champions League will also be the Brazilian right gate career to win the 35th championship trophy, thus tied the former Porto legend goalkeeper Baia blackhawks jersey mens, ranking second in the win list, second only to 36 times to win the Maxwell Chris Chelios Jersey, Giggs. Alves is proud of the previous with Sevilla (2 UEFA Cup final), Barcelona (3 Champions League final) played in the European war finals, the Brazilian five times the final win chicago blackhawks jersey cheap, maintaining a hundred percent winning percentage The In addition, such as the fourth win the Champions League, Alves will also be the 14th with two different clubs to win the Champions League players.